Legal English

contract - croppedDo you want to know more about the English legal system and language?
Do you need to understand the fundamentals of English contract, banking and business law?
Do you yourself need to understand or draft contracts?

Our 3-5 day courses are for individuals/small groups of people who work in business, commerce, banking or law:

* English law & language for banking lawyers
* English law & language for foreign lawyers in private practice
* English law & language for foreign in-house lawyers
* Written English for foreign lawyers
* Contract drafting for foreign business executives
* Contracts/contract law for foreign business executives

The programmes are tailored to your individual requirements and include for example: core concepts of English contract/company/banking law, comparison with participants’ own system, specialised terminology, litigation terms, fundamental principles of liability, international agreements, corporate governance, the relationship between contract and tort law, common pitfalls in drafting legal documents, etc.

Our courses are highly participative and include intensive reading exercises, discussion/analysis of legal concepts, Q&A on legal topics, formal input, simulations, ad-hoc briefings and written exercises. Essential soft skills for bankers and lawyers like presentations, client briefing, client conference, writing, etc will also be part of the workshop programme.

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